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Zai Capalina Helmet

Zai Capalina Helmet

There are tons of protective ski helmets to choose from, but few of them are custom made for your head. The Zai Capalina Helmet ($825) is. Sorta. It uses the CustomAir system to fill the inside of the shell with air cushioning, providing the most secure, comfortable fit possible, then backs it up with a lightweight carbon shell, leather ear protectors and chinstraps lined with merino wool, and a ventilation opening to make sure that your head stays as cool as the powder you're gliding on.

  • Fiik Skateboards

    Imagine being able to get up to speed on a skateboard without the need for a ramp, hill, or push-off. Now imagine that you could control the throttle with a simple controller. What you imagining is one of these Fiik Skateboards ($TBA). Powered by magnetic motor and a rechargeable lithium battery, they feature a digital wireless trottle control system, ABS brakes, oversized trucks, and a variety of wheels and decks, and the ability to zoom at over 20 mph without so much as touching the ground.

  • Heritage Helmets

    Sure, the Vespa scooter holds a certain place in the minds of urban dwellers, but if you want a real piece of two-wheel history, look no further than Lambretta — and then grab one of these Heritage Helmets (£150; roughly $240). Designed to compliment classic Lambretta scooters but stylish enough to work with any design, these official Trade Marked Lambretta helmets will add that last little touch to your eco-friendly ride.