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Civilware x Uncrate Hatchet

The team behind Civilware has one goal in mind when they're making something new — it should provide a "lifetime of service". They first proved that statement a year ago with the Striker Utility Knife, then followed it up with the pocket-ready Striker Folding Knife. So when we heard a hatchet was next on Civilware's list, we knew we had to jump onboard. Built to those same standards by a respected maker in El Salvador, the Civilware Hatchet, with our edition clad in an all-black Uncrate colorway, has a drop-forged 1060 high carbon steel head that holds a sharp edge on one end and doubles as a hammer on the other. The well-balanced American Hickory handle is the perfect length for everything from splitting campfire wood to hammering in tent stakes or even protecting your beautiful beard and/or loved ones from predators in the wild. A leather cover keeps the hatchet nice and warm when you're not putting it to use. Also available with a natural wood handle or a quick-to-spot red handle.