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Arcade Bowling Game

Arcade Bowling Game

Start your very own basement tavern with this commercial-quality bowling game ($7,000). The machine offers six different games for up to four players and features a trackball and built-in LCD for bowling on a virtual lane. According to Hammacher Schlemmer, the game is programmed with precise physics to more accurately reflect true lane bowling, including ball spin and direction, and the initial oiled section of the lane. It's also got an automatic score sheet that keeps track of game play, a jukebox that plays 30 different songs from the 1950s, and slow motion replays of your most miraculous shots.

  • Sony PlayStation 3

    We've been waiting to bring this one to you for a long time. The Sony PlayStation 3 (starts at $500; Nov. 17) is one helluva mean gaming machine. Powered by the Cell processor, it features an advanced RSX graphics chip, a 20 or 60GB hard drive, Bluetooth-enabled wireless controllers, 1080p output, and a Blu-Ray drive that appears to cost almost as much all by itself as it does shoved in the belly of this beast. With a handful of launch titles confirmed, we're already preparing our schedules for a lot of "alone time" in front of our TV this Winter.

  • USB Nintendo Controllers

    Awesome. RetroZone is selling old-school NES controllers that have been upgraded with USB connectors so you can use them on your PC or Mac. You can choose from the original NES controller ($30), NES Advantage ($35), or NES Max ($28). But for the true geeks, you can also pick up a PowerGlove ($70), PowerPad ($60), or Super Nintendo Mouse ($26). RetroZone also sells do-it-yourself upgrade kits for your own controller ($17). [Thanks, Ben!]