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Dunhill Solar Charger

Most solar chargers are gaudy, plastic things that you wouldn't want anywhere near you when you're trying to look your best. The Dunhill Solar Charger ($TBA) is a happy exception. lightweight and fashionable, its built-in solar panel rotates into an aerospace-grade aluminum body when not in use, can provide up to 30 hours of charge time for a phone or player via USB, and comes with a stylish Chassis leather carrying case so you don't have to toss it inelegantly down into your bag.

  • Animatronic Triceratops

    There isn't really a good way to describe this Animatronic Triceratops ($350,000). (Looking to construct your own Disneyland boat ride? Have a Michael Jackson-like obsession with childlike things? Don't have the money to pay for CGI on your indie Jurassic Park remake?) So, instead, we'll tell you that it's 20 feet long, weighs over 1,300 pounds, tracks your movements with its camera-eyes, has tons of digital tech and a 1,000 watt speaker inside to let it move and sound like the real thing, and totally won't grow cognizant of its surroundings and tear through your home like a bull in a china shop.

  • Sony Walkman W260

    When we first saw the latest iPod shuffle, our immediate thought was "make it any smaller and you'll have to build it into the headphones somehow." We doubt anyone was listening, but that's pretty much exactly what has happened with the Sony Walkman W260 ($60-$80). Designed with active users in mind, the W260 is rinsable, wearable, and water-resistant, and offers features like quick charging, a black or white casing, and either 2GB or 4GB of storage.