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Filson x Levi's Fishing Jacket

You don't need to be a fisherman to appreciate this Filson x Levi's Fishing Jacket ($375) — but it surely helps. Crafted from polyester microsuede, this grey jacket features two oversized slash zippered pockets that run from the hem to the upper chest, several more chest pockets, and an interior left zippered pocket. On the back, you'll find an integrated game bag with drain holes, a zippered map pocket, and a hook for a fish net. All you need now is a pole and some water.

  • Mission Workshop Eiger Waterproof Field Jacket

    Going for the European secret agent look this winter? The Mission Workshop Eiger Waterproof Field Jacket ($700) can help you achieve this lofty fashion goal. Made from Schoeller c_change — a Swiss-made, wool-faced fabric featuring a waterproof, heat-reactive membrane to help regulate body temperature while offering comprehensive protection from rain, wind, and snow — the Eiger also sports a traditional four-pocket front, two internal media pockets, a large, cycling-style rear compartment, full-seam taping, and a three-point adjustable hood that's perfect for concealing your identity during late-night operations.

  • Storm Trooper Motorcycle Suit

    We'll admit to believing that Harley riders aren't likely to be huge Star Wars fans, but if your tastes manage to straddle the line between comic book fairs and biker bars, perhaps the Storm Trooper Motorcycle Suit ($1,150) should be in your stocking this year. Officially licensed, this amazing suit is made from form-molded leather, allowing it to replicate even small details of its on-screen counterpart, while built-in CE-approved body armor will keep you safe in case you swerve too quickly trying to maneuver around a restless Ewok. [Scouted by Jeff]