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Golden Tee Fore! Complete

Golden Tee Fore! Complete

A staple of bars across the country, Golden Tee has been the best golf arcade game out there for quite some time. Now you can polish up your palm-bruising skills at home with Golden Tee Fore! Complete ($4250). This puppy may be expensive, but it includes all 29 detailed courses from the Golden Tee series in one machine that also features a 27" monitor. Four player Golden Tee at home — the perfect finishing touch to your current game room setup.

  • Arcade Bowling Game

    Start your very own basement tavern with this commercial-quality bowling game ($7,000). The machine offers six different games for up to four players and features a trackball and built-in LCD for bowling on a virtual lane. According to Hammacher Schlemmer, the game is programmed with precise physics to more accurately reflect true lane bowling, including ball spin and direction, and the initial oiled section of the lane. It's also got an automatic score sheet that keeps track of game play, a jukebox that plays 30 different songs from the 1950s, and slow motion replays of your most miraculous shots.

  • Ms. Pac Man Cocktail Table

    Anyone old enough to remember playing Centipede at the arcade should also remember the wonderful cocktail table-style machines which, sadly, don't get nearly as much nostalgic attention as stand-up machines. The Ms. Pac Man/Galaga Cocktail Table ($4,000) is mighty expensive, but will also look mighty cool in your game room with its retro gaming goodness.