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J.Fold Trooper Bag

J.Fold Trooper Bag

We know they're cheap, collapsible, and roomy, but it's really time to stop using gym bags to transport your goods when travelling. Something like the J.Fold Trooper Bag ($215), while not Target-cheap, is much more suitable. Available in blue with brown leather or gray with black leather, the Trooper offers vegetable-tanned leather and coated cotton canvas construction, snazzy striped inner lining, a zippered pocket and brass key hook on the interior, and a removable shoulder strap. Thankfully missing: the ability to make you look like the questionably aged member of a high school gymnastics team.

  • Billykirk Laptop Flight Bag

    Handmade in the U.S. by Amish leather workers, the Billykirk Laptop Flight Bag ($300) might cost as much as a cheap laptop, but it's surely more stylish. The bag is made from waxed canvas and leather, and offers padding for the laptop inside, a single interior pocket for stashing chargers, cords, and other goodies, adjustable shoulder straps, and a striking navy and black color scheme. Just don't go expecting this "flight" bag to keep you from having to pull out your laptop for airport security — we're pretty sure you could have a clear laptop inside a clear case and they'd still want a full cavity search.

  • TravelTeq Bags

    Combining classic looks and materials with a future-minded design, TravelTeq Bags (€365; roughly $500) offer the best of both worlds. The company's inaugural offering, the Trash laptop bag, features a high-quality leather exterior with matching rolled handles, and a fabric middle with a central two-pull zipper closure. Inside, you'll find a padded laptop compartment, pockets for your cellphone, sunglasses, and cigar tube, two small all-purpose compartments, a secondary zippered compartment, and a large main area for magazines, chargers, and other items. Finishing things off is a small, open outer pocket set inside the handle and covered in contrasting colored leather, and more designs are on their way.