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Nite Ize Reflective Rope

Anyone who's ever had the (dis)pleasure of tripping over the guy lines of their tent knows how important actually being able to see those ropes can be. Nite Ize Reflective Rope ($12) is here to help. Each pack includes 50 feet of green reflective cord that's great for setting up tents, hanging traps, tying up prisoners tarps or shelters, or just marking the trail between the camp and the designated outdoor restroom area. Just remember: it only works when light shines on it, so if your flashlight goes dead, you're still screwed.

  • Luminair Tree Tent

    It's a tent in the literal sense of the word — its 16oz waterproof cotton canvas skin makes it so — but that doesn't mean you'll be dragging the Luminair Tree Tent (£6500 and up; roughly $10,000) around with you. Instead, think of the structure as a semi-permanent tree house. Thanks to a hybrid aluminum and steam-bent ash frame, the entire tent, including floor and bunks, weighs just 264 lbs., despite being able to handle an additional 550 lbs. of load. At 3 meters in diameter, it's not huge, but it's certainly big enough for two adults and provides an interesting option for above-ground shelter in the wilderness.

  • Lifesaver Jerrycan

    Whether you're preparing for the worst or just planning for an extra-long hiking trip, the Lifesaver Jerrycan ($450) is a handy thing to have around. Capable of holding five gallons of fluid, the Jerrycan incorporates the same filtration technology seen in the Lifesaver Bottle, allowing you to transform filthy, germ-ridden water into clean H2O with just a few pumps. And just in case the worst happens, it can filter enough water to sustain a family of 4 for nearly a year — which is way longer than that stash of bottled water in the basement is going to last.