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Simplicity Clear Globe

Simplicity Clear Globe

Globes have long been symbols of elegance — world travels, or international business plans. Now you can have a globe for your desk or shelf that is just as elegant as the rest of your office. The Simplicity Globe ($160) features a stunningly detailed clear globe on a stylish metal stand. If your world is transparent, shouldn’t your globe be as well?

  • Tandem Pen/Highlighter

    The Paper Mate Tandem ($5) combines a ballpoint pen and highlighter to make sure you'll never have to dig around looking for one or the other when you need it. The super handy two-in-one writing instrument features a twist grib, Lubriglide ink system, and smear resistant highlighter ink. In addition, the highlighter unit can be replaced with a refill after you've used it to mark all of the dirty words in the Dictionary at the library.

  • Uni-ball Signo Pen Set

    Uni-ball's Signo Pen Set ($25/set of 8) has the world's thinnest ball point tip — a diameter of 0.18 mm, or about the width of two human hairs. While currently only available in Japan, the Signo can be purchased online like most lustful objects. This set comes with 8 colors — orange, light blue, violet, pink, red, black, emerald, and blue. [via Wired]