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Slow Watches

No, it's not literally slow — otherwise it wouldn't be much of a timepiece. Then again, the single hands of Slow Watches do move slower than usual. But there's a good reason for that: these novel watches use a single hand that rotates around a full 24-hour dial, with indexes marking every 15 minutes. Whether that causes you to speed up or slow down depends on your temperament, but no matter what, you rest assured the Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT movement will keep the correct time.

  • Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch

    Is '70s style making a comeback? Well, it certainly is with this Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch. A reintroduction of a watch that first appeared in 1969, this handsome, masculine timepiece features a water resistant brushed steel case and matching bracelet and your choice of either red/orange and gray or monochrome black and white dials. As for specs, it's powered by a Omega Calibre 3330 automatic movement, with a certified COSC Chronometer, raised tachymetre marks, and a date indicator located at 6 o'clock. Just be sure to pay attention, as there's no "Mark II" marking on the face to let you know which is which.

  • Cogito Smartwatch

    Think all smartwatches are destined to look dorky? Think again. At a glance, the Cogito Smartwatch ($180) looks just like a regular timepeice — round case, black face, hour and minute hands — but at the press of a button becomes so much more. Because that black face is actually a digital display, notifying you of incoming calls, texts, and emails, as well as calendar appointments and alarms. Will it let you read the whole thing, like a Pebble? No, but frankly, people that stare at their wrists for long periods of time freak us out anyway.