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The Essential Geography of the United States of America

Google Maps may have spoiled your appreciation for old-school paper maps, but one look at David Imus' The Essential Geography of the United States of America ($13-$40) is bound to restore your faith. Created by Imus, alone, over the course of two years' worth of seven-day work weeks, this 50" x 35.3" masterpiece features meticulously laid-out typography, chosen to maximize the amount of information displayed while retaining readability, with emphasis on topography. [via]

  • Slice Box Cutter

    If you're anything like us, you'll be doing as much of your holiday shopping as possible online — and that means lots and lots of boxes. To get all of those open with minimal effort and permanent scarring, we suggest the Slice Box Cutter ($20). A 2011 red dot Design Award Winner, the Slice sports a hand-sharpened, retractable, adjustable-length ceramic blade with a rounded tip to safely and quickly cut through tape and cardboard — but hopefully not the contents — while the unique design ensures your hand stays out of the way. [Scouted by Jerry]

  • Field Notes Fire Spotter Notebook

    Our favorite notebooks just got a little more... fiery. Designed to serve as a companion for the diligent men and women who have kept watch of our forests for 100 years, the Field Notes Fire Spotter Notebook ($10/3-pack) features "Electric Red" construction cover stock, "FIRE SPOTTER" printed by hand on a vintage Miehle vertical press, three included temporary tattoos, and all-new light-gray "dot grid" interior pages, which may be worth the order all by themselves.