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Troubadour Weekender Bag

Go straight from the office to the slopes with the Troubadour Weekender Bag. This elegant luggage solution is handmade in Italy using high-quality materials like vegetable-tanned leather, cotton canvas lining, and rivets to reinforce the straps, and also offers two external front pockets for quick access to your most-used items and an internal zippered pocket for documents and such. And thanks to the company's commitment to quality, you'll even receive a one-year check-up call to make sure it's still in good condition — which is far more than we can say for the average nylon duffel bag.

  • Travelteq Active Carry-On Bag

    What features would you build into your perfect carry-on bag? Easy access to your laptop and toiletries to make TSA a breeze? A side pocket so you can get to your books or gadgets without taking your bag out of the bin? A wide wheelbase to prevent tip-overs? Well, the Travelteq Active Carry-On Bag offers all this and more. Designed to be the ultimate carry-on, this crowdfunded wonder is built from strong, light, high-quality materials, and also features a zipper from expansion, silent, off-road friendly wheels, and YKK zippers, making it weather resistant.

  • Road Shower

    Avoid the sketchy showers at the truck stop and get yourself clean with the Road Shower. This eco-friendly add-on mounts to your vehicle's rack mount, and uses solar power to heat the water inside up to above 100 degrees. It's also pressurized, can easily be pumped with a bike pump, tire pump, or compressor, features a nozzle that can be clipped to the side for hands-free washing, a clear food-grade hose, and rugged matte black aluminum housing that's as discreet as a portable shower on your roof can be.