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Warby Parker x Uncrate Model X1 Sunglasses

Just over a year ago, we set out to find a pair of driving sunglasses that were both timeless and functional. When that search came up empty, we called on our friends at Warby Parker to lend us a hand. Designed from the ground up for driving, and looking good while doing it, the limited edition Warby Parker x Uncrate Model X1 Sunglasses succeed on both fronts, if we do say so ourselves. Sporting a matte black acetate frame, with a look inspired by equal parts McQueen and the curves of vintage sports cars, the X1's feature a lightweight nylon lens topped off with Zeiss Ri-Pel, a hydrophobic coating that repels water, sand, and other elements that might hit you in the face while you're flying around in your roadster. After months of testing and perfecting, only 500 pairs have been produced. And as usual with Warby Parker eyewear, for every pair of Uncrate edition frames purchased, a pair of glasses will be given to someone in need.