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Wii NES & SNES Controller Adapters

Wii NES & SNES Controller Adapters

With the Wii now released and new retro games coming all the time for its Virtual Console service, it's time to decide: do you want to play with the Wii Classic Controller, or with the originals? These Wii NES and SNES Controller Adapters ($19 each) plug into the GameCube ports on the Wii to allow you to experience your retro games with the original controllers they were designed for.

  • Nintendo Wii

    Not since the days of the Super Nintendo have we been this pumped up for a console launch. The Nintendo Wii ($250; Nov. 19) is the next-generation console from Nintendo, and it looks like a blast. With a revolutionary controller that lets you use movements to control games, Nintendo is shooting for gameplay that is more fun and communal, shunning better graphics for other innovations. Oh, and did we mention it comes with Wii Sports, which includes tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing games? And you can play old Gamecube games on it, but the biggest — and to us, most exciting — feature is the Virtual Console, which will let you download and play NES, SNES, N64, TurboGrafx 16, and Genesis games, all from the Wii. Wii can't wait.

  • Arcade Bowling Game

    Start your very own basement tavern with this commercial-quality bowling game ($7,000). The machine offers six different games for up to four players and features a trackball and built-in LCD for bowling on a virtual lane. According to Hammacher Schlemmer, the game is programmed with precise physics to more accurately reflect true lane bowling, including ball spin and direction, and the initial oiled section of the lane. It's also got an automatic score sheet that keeps track of game play, a jukebox that plays 30 different songs from the 1950s, and slow motion replays of your most miraculous shots.