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Hubble Daily Contacts

Thanks to a system that sees your prescription pass through a distributor or retailer before it arrives on your doorstep, most contacts are far more expensive than they should be. Doubly so if your eyesight is really, really bad. By selling direct, Hubble Daily Contacts can offer you clear vision for under a dollar a day, even if you need higher-powered lenses. A recent expansion lets them cover from -0.50 through -12.00, helping even more contact lens wearers see clearly. The lenses are made from a high-grade hydrogel material for all-day comfort, by an FDA-approved factory that's been making contacts for over two decades. The result is an affordable, crystal-clear lens for roughly half the price of its competitors — and the first box is free, making a good deal even better.

Presented by Hubble Daily Contacts.