Uncrate Magazine


We've only got a few copies left of our inaugural issue of Uncrate magazine. Since it's our Winter issue, and since Spring is almost here (along with our next issue), we're running a sale for the next few days. Starting today, you can grab a copy for only $5 (normally $15). Just use coupon code: ENDOFWINTER. So if you've been holding out on ordering a copy because you're just not sure how amazing this book-sized magazine is, now's the time to order a copy on the cheap. Trust us when we say that after you hold this thing in your hands, you won't be disappointed (TWSS). You'll want to get every issue. It'll be your favorite magazine. Just having it in your bag or on your coffee table will make you handsomer and generally more interesting. True story.

Our first print issue of Uncrate includes a wintery mix of more than 100 products — many of which haven't been covered on the site before — tested and shown in locations such as Iceland, Colorado, and Alaska. Inside Uncrate Magazine, you'll find beautiful photography of both the gear and the destinations, all shot by us. Our favorite winter gear, from watches to axes to vintage Land Rovers, can be found in the magazine. With no advertising in this hefty issue, you'll get over 200 pages of the best content we've ever produced. Uncrate features a book-style cover and thick, 100 lb Arbor Plus paper.