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The Mummy

After trading in Brendan Fraser for Tom Cruise, Universal is leading off their upcoming Monster series with a reboot of The Mummy. Cruise's Nick Morton becomes the mortal plaything for a 2,000-year-old Egyptian princess who's wreaking havoc on the world after she awakens from her tomb. The trailer gives a glimpse into the possible second film in the series with a shot of Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Also starring Sofia Boutella and Annabelle Wallis, the film is slated for release June 9, 2017.

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    Marilyn Monroe and Twin Peaks

    David Lynch and Robert Frost's story of murder in a small town had a very unlikely origin — the death actress Marilyn Monroe. Originally conceived as an investigation into Marilyn's death and possible murder, Lynch was unable to nail down his theory, and so the show went nowhere. But Marilyn was reborn in the character of Laura Palmer, the murder victim that is the center of the Twin Peaks story.

  • The Sound of Blade Runner

    More than just background, a theme, or an effect, the sound of Blade Runner helped to create the world in which the film was set. Composer Vangelis created a score that helped bring the dialogue and visuals together in one cohesive whole — an unforgettable gritty and dark Los Angeles of the distant future. Here's hoping that Blade Runner 2049 remembers its roots.

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