MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

After having strapped on tennis rackets for our poor man's version of snowshoes, we've decided to step it up with the MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes ($260). These snowshoes are lightweight and give a 360-degree grip. The Ascent Snowshoes sport two cross-members of high-strength steel and heel bails to take strain off your calves as you flee from bears.

  • POC Spine

    It's never a bad idea to have some protection on the slopes, especially if you're one of those crazy-asses that think they're invincible once they set foot on the powder. POC's lightweight Spine body armor ($160) protects your back from any mishaps you might make. The Cervical ($40) and Coccyx ($40) add-ons insure that the upper part of the spine, including vertebrae C1 to C7, as well as the lowest part of your spine, the caudal region, are safe from impact.

  • Vector Tough Brite Storm Tracker

    There are plenty of gadgets to fit in your pocket that can play AM/FM radio and your favorite TV shows, but how many of them double as a lantern and can be charged by a hand crank? The Vector Tough Brite Storm Tracker ($40) features weather band and AM/FM radio, a spotlight, a LED-based area light, and a 5 In. solid state UHF/VHF black and white television — everything you need to keep yourself amused/alive in a winter disaster. Except heat. And maybe food.

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