1-Hour Photo

Instant gratification — that's what a big part of the mobile experience is all about. Instant access to the Internet. Instant access to your friends. Etc. Which is what makes 1-Hour Photo so novel. This free app lets you shoot photos as soon as you open it, but with one big caveat — you can't see the results for an hour, as the app forces you to stay in the moment and applies a smooth black and white film emulation. It might not make sense, but it's also free, so you have little excuse to not give it a try.

  • Wink

    The "Internet of Things" gets closer and closer to reality every day, but unfortunately, the more things you have, the more apps you're likely juggling to keep them all running as you like. Wink is looking to do away with all that by combining the controls for your various gadgets in a single, streamlined app. What all can it control? Things like connected smoke alarms, lights, locks, garage doors, blinds, and even your HVAC system — and from brands like Schlage, Kidde, and Philips, at that, with support for more products — and automation — coming soon.

  • Blade

    As any filthy rich scoundrel who's made the trip can tell you, getting from New York City to the Hamptons can be a bigger pain than it's worth. If you've got the cash, Blade makes it easy. This new app lets you book a seat aboard a helicopter taking off from the East Side Heliport that will get you there in just 35 minutes or less, and back in the same amount of time. If there's not a chopper taking off when you want, you can book your own and crowdsource the seats, and should your ride be grounded for whatever reason, they'll drive you to your destination in a Maserati and give you a credit towards your next trip. Oh, and fret not, West Coasters — they're hoping to add LA to Vegas (and Boston to Cape Cod) service soon.

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