11+ World Clock

Keep tabs on the current time around the world with the 11+ World Clock. From the front it looks like any other desk clock, with a clean design featuring a gray dial, gray hour and minute hands, and a bright red second hand. But turn it to the side, and you'll find the names of different international cities inscribed into the body, letting you simply roll your way to different time zones as the hands automatically adjust to show the correct time in whatever city or zone you've chosen. A smart alternative to the traditional "multiple clocks with city labels underneath" setup.

  • Field Notes Ambition Notebooks

    If the art of putting pen to paper is still something you value, you already know about Field Notes. And for their 25th quarterly colors edition, they've come up with something special with these Ambition Notebooks. The new 3-Pack features Olive, Wine, and Chocolate colors, all printed and embossed with metallic gold ink. You get a ledger, a graph memo book, and a weekly planner — a Field Notes first.

  • Uzi Tactical Pen

    When we hear the phrase "tactical pen", our minds naturally drift to action movie scenes of some hapless baddie being offed with a well-placed Bic to the neck. And while you could surely use the Uzi Tactical Pen in a similar manner, it has plenty of non-violent uses, too. It's crafted from lightweight aircraft aluminum, features a gunmetal finish, and beyond writing, also holds a glassbreaker and a handcuff key. Which helps explain why it's trusted by the Army, Secret Service, Special Forces, and crafty agents everywhere.

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