12-Volt Portable Oven and Pizza Maker

12-Volt Portable Oven and Pizza Maker

Yes, the roadside Pizza Huts that have begun sprouting up in truck stops across the land are handy, but it’s a royal pain waiting for your pie. No longer a problem — now just cook a pizza as you drive with the 12-Volt Portable Oven and Pizza Maker ($40). It runs off of your cigarette lighter outlet and has high/low settings, so if you don’t eat it all in Kansas City, you can warm some up when you get to St. Louis. [via BoingBoing]

  • Surf Green Fender Classic 50's Stratocaster

    The Stratocaster has long been an icon of American music and ingenuity, and some of the best of these models came out in the 1950’s. The Fender Classic Series 50's Strat in Surf Green ($630) represents a simpler time when rock n’ roll still meant rock n’ roll — not a general classification of ten or more genres of music. This bad boy features a solid Poplar body, a 21 fret Maple neck, vintage style synchronized tremolo, 3 “classic” single coil pickups, and “aged” pickup covers & volume knobs. Plus, it might be familiar to anyone who has visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Newport Beach, CA — they have an original model signed by The Beach Boys hanging on their wall.

  • Hulger P*Phone

    The more and more advanced and ever smaller cell phones get, the bigger a pain it is to try and hold them on your ear with your shoulders — just one of the conveniences afforded to us by older house phones that are now lost. Not to worry, the folks at Hulger have the answer — the P*Phone ($70). Uniting the best of both worlds, the P*Phone uses the headset port on your cell to attach the classic looking headset. Now if only we could make a rotary attachment, we could finally get Grandma to use a cell.

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