1972 Nike Moon Shoe

Named after its signature (and now deteriorating) tread that resembled the footprints left behind by astronauts, this 1972 Nike Moon Shoe is a rare relic. Handmade by Geoff Hollister under the direction of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, they were worn in that year's Olympic Trials by marathoner Bruce Mortenson, and were one of just a dozen pairs made. The nylon uppers were imported from Japan, the now-iconic Swooshes attached with fishing line, and the outsole cut, glued, and stitched by hand, making these a truly unique piece of sneaker history.

Photos: Unrah/Jones

  • James Bond's Pre-Daytona Chronograph Watch

    George Lazenby's infamous turn as the world's most famous secret agent nearly tanked the franchise. Yet his timepiece might be the most valuable to have ever graced 007's wrist. James Bond's Pre-Daytona Chronograph Watch was worn by Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, but that's not its only claim to fame. Eon Productions special ordered it for the film, requesting a red second hand as opposed to the standard stainless steel, as it plays a key role in one of the movie's scenes. As a result, it's the only reference 6238 in the world with this detail, and is made all the more desirable by the fact that it's in excellent condition.

  • Michael Jordan's Dream Team Sneakers

    Finding a pair of original Olympic Air Jordan VIIs is hard enough, with their red, white, blue, and gold color scheme and telltale "9" on the back. Finding a pair that was actual worn by His Airness? Nearly impossible, yet that's exactly what Michael Jordan's Dream Team Sneakers are. Sourced by another member of the Dream Team who wished to remain anonymous, these shoes saw a lot of action during the 1992 games in Barcelona, and have the abrasions to prove it. At the time, the shoes were made specifically for Jordan to wear during the games, and while Nike has since reissued the style, none of those had the privilege of launching through the air on the feet of the GOAT as he and his teammates ran roughshod over the rest of the world.

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