Don't listen to the press — they don't know how many books you've read. While George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is an undisputed literary classic, and also served as the basis for the greatest television ad of all-time, its themes of public manipulation and government surveillance seem especially poignant in recent days. Despite being first released in 1949, it's currently the best-selling book on Amazon, and its publisher just ordered another 75,000 copies. These first-editions are likely to become even more collectible as the years go on, but if they're a little more than you typically spend on dead trees, we'd recommend the recent Penguin Modern Classics edition, with a cover design from David Pearson that's among the best we've ever seen.

  • Nikon 1 Vintage Camera

    Offered from the collection of Japanese collector Tad Soto, this Nikon 1 Vintage Camera isn't just "vintage": it's the earliest known surviving production Nikon in the world. Just the third ever made — it dates to April, 1948 — it's in remarkably good condition, arriving with its original Nikkor-H 2/5cm lens and matching cap. It also still has its original shutter, original "Made in Occupied Japan" baseplate, and original double-strap carrying case. An extremely rare piece of still-functional photographic history.

  • Batpod

    It's not quite as recognizable as the Tumbler from which it emerged, but the Batpod is certainly close. Created by The Dark Knight production designer Nathan Crowley and crafted by special-effects supervisor Chris Corbould, this unique motorcycle was one of only six built for use during filming. It has a custom-made chassis, Hoosier racing tires, and a Honda 750 engine, and is outfitted with faux barrels on the front, fiberglass body panels to cover most of the working components, and black foam padding for comfort. It arrives with a metal display stand and Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity, and lest you get any vigilante ideas of your own, it's in "rolling-only" condition, with all its fluids, battery, fuel tank, and throttle controls removed.

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