1:Face Watch

Thinking of buying a new watch? You might as well do some good at the same time. Depending on which model you choose, some of the proceeds from your 1:Face Watch ($40) will go to provide AIDS treatment, support for eight cancer patients, food for 16 children, a charcoal stove, a well in Rwanda, or a free mammogram. As for the watch itself, it's a simple, clean affair, with an alloy frame, silicone band, stainless steel buttons and backplate, a tempered mirror face, and white LEDs that spring to life at the push of a button to show you the time.

  • Benjamin Hubert Plicate Watch

    Who said watch faces had to be flat? The Benjamin Hubert Plicate Watch (£100; roughly $160) replaces the traditional flat face with a pleated surface, with each fold representing a second. While the pleats on the face help you to tell the time and add a unique look to the watch, the pleats on the inside of the polyurethane strap help to keep air flowing between your wrist and the watch itself. To finish things off, it sports a bar band-style pop closure, ensuring that you don't take it too seriously. [Scouted by Jonathan]

  • Victorinox Night Vision Watch

    Okay, so it might not be the best name, but there is a reason the Victorinox Night Vision Watch ($700) was given its name. Along with a Swiss analog movement, 42mm stainless steel case, and matching band, the Night Vision is also equipped with a barrage of LEDs to help you out after darkness falls. Those include a blue LED to illuminate the dial, a red LED that helps for location purposes, and a white LED that can serve as a flashlight, strobe light, or as a flashing indicator in the event that you need assistance — because your phone's going to die pretty fast if you try the same thing with the LED flash.

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