3D Robotics IRIS Multicopter

If you're at all into photography or videography, odds are you've considered looking into taking your talents to the sky — but most aerial vehicles are tough to fly, requiring advanced skills and software. But the 3D Robotics IRIS Multicopter eliminates the barrier to entry to aerial photography and videography, with an incredible flight planning app that lets you simply draw the vehicle's path. If something goes wrong during flight, the IRIS is smart enough to pilot itself to safety. And with four propellers, a built-in mount for a Go-Pro, long-lasting batteries, and an on-board GPS, all you need to do is point the camera in the right direction.

Presented by 3D Robotics.

  • MB&F x Hodinkee MusicMachine 2

    When it comes to music boxes, few are as intricate — or expensive — as the MB&F x Hodinkee MusicMachine 2. Plainly drawing inspiration from Star Trek's USS Enterprise, this limited-edition box is clad in untreated, gunmetal-colored aluminum, with two 3.72 movements that rotate in opposite directions. On the right cylinder, you'll find snippets from "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Smoke on the Water", while on the left, there are snippets from both "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" main titles, suggesting that whoever came up with this idea had his market pegged as "the affluent stoner geek."

  • Sphelar Solar Flashlight

    Anyone can tell you the importance of having a reliable flashlight on hand in the case of an emergency — unexpected power failure, overdue energy bills, total eclipse of the sun — but flashlights never seem to be there for you when you really need them. Whether it's empty batteries or burnt out bulbs, you can just never quite count on your typical flashlight. But the Sphelar Solar Flashlight isn't your typical flashlight, and we're not just talking about its gorgeous design. It sports LED lights and micro-spherical solar cells that provide up to four hours of battery life.

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