94Fifty Bluetooth Basketball

You can already pick up a pair of sneakers to help you monitor your performance on the court, but if you want a full picture of your game, you need feedback from your ball, as well. The 94Fifty Bluetooth Basketball is designed to fill that void, giving you instant feedback on every dribble and shot while keeping its size, weight, and spin within regulations. An internal battery offers up to 8 hours of connectivity, and recharges wirelessly via Qi technology, while a dedicated app keeps track of workout and competition history for up to 4 players, and also offers built-in workouts, QuickTrain shot and ball-handling analyzers, and 50 different competition modes.

  • Shoeless Joe Golden Era Baseball Gloves

    You don't have to mow down your cornfields to get a little bit closer to a baseball legend, you just need one of these Shoeless Joe Golden Era Baseball Gloves ($140). Even though he was banned from the game for his questionable involvement in the Black Sox Scandal at the height of his talent in 1920, Joe Jackson still went down in history as one of the greats. These reproduction baseball gloves (hand cut and sewn from original patterns and components) let you feel what it was like to field a pop fly in the early days of the game — best yet, you can actually play with them.

  • Swingbyte

    Start getting real, useful data about your golf swing so you can make serious improvements with Swingbyte ($150). This simple device quickly attaches to any club — driver, putter, whatever — and pairs to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet over a Bluetooth connection. It then automatically records everything about your swings, giving you a full view , club head speed and acceleration, club face angle, and much more. From there you can analyze your swing history online to chart your improvement, or share it with a pro to get some advice on how to get even better.

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