Ableton Push

Take control of your music composition and performances like never before with the Ableton Push ($600-$1,200). This new instrument is powered by the USB cable that connects it to Ableton Live on your computer, giving you nearly endless creative options. The hardware itself — built by pad controller experts Akai Professional — consists of 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive multicolored pads, with a layout that adapts to the track you have selected, along with a touch strip, 11 touch-sensitive endless encoders with a four-line LCD to show what you're working with, a bevy of knobs and buttons, and ports for foot switches to add even more control. Shipping in 2-3 months with either Live 9 Intro, Live 9 Standard, or Live 9 Suite.

  • Handpresso Auto

    Don't have time to make yourself a proper cup of coffee before you head out for the day? Use the Handpresso Auto (€150; roughly $200) to brew up a jolting shot of espresso from the comfort of the driver's seat. Powered by your car's 12V cigarette lighter, the Handpresso takes water and E.S.E. coffee pods, and lets you know when your drink is ready with three audible beeps, so you don't need to take your eyes off the road.

  • Lumoback

    You know you should sit with proper posture, but how do you know if you're actually doing so? By strapping on a Lumoback ($150), that's how. This wireless Bluetooth sensor is worn on your lower back, and gives you vibration feedback when you're slouching. In addition, it also connects to your iPhone or iPad, so you can track your activities throughout the day and get a more well-rounded picture of of how you — and your back — are doing.

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