Abraham Bowman Gingerbread Beer Finished Bourbon

The fall season is a big one for new bourbon releases, but it's not too often that one of those releases tastes like fall as well. Abraham Bowman Gingerbread Beer Finished Bourbon ($70) tastes like it was made for the fall season, with hints of gingerbread spice, cinnamon and clove. They used Bowman Bourbon barrels that held booze for a solid 8 years before emptying and passing them along to Hardywood Brewery, who then aged their award-winning Gingerbread Stout for 12 weeks. Finally, early in 2013 the barrels came back to Bowman and were filled with the bourbon that you will enjoy, like a crisp fall day, if you're lucky enough to score a limited edition bottle.

  • Buffalo Trace Stagg Jr. Bourbon

    When it comes to big, barrel-proof bourbons, there aren't many that are in the same class as George T. Stagg. After waiting for it to properly mature, Buffalo Trace is releasing a younger version of their award winning bourbon, named Stagg Jr. ($50). The son of Stagg is another beastly entry, clocking in at 134.4 proof, and also happens to be another incredibly inviting spirit. It's unrestrained and unapologetic, with strong oak, vanilla and even some smoky brown sugar flavors that should satisfy even the most hardcore bourbon fanatic. This young buck is poised to grab your attention, and might even challenge his old man for the spotlight.

  • Elijah Craig 21 Year Old Bourbon

    How much does the age statement on a bottle of bourbon mean? If you're like us, an older bourbon seems like it should be better, but doesn't always live up to the more mature billing, or price. One incredible exception however, is Elijah Craig 21-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon ($140). It's a remarkable bourbon that seems to be at an ideal age for sipping, with plenty of flavor, oak, and a subtle, easy burn. Where you might expect extra wood characteristics because of how long it spent in barrels you instead receive the welcome surprise of incredible balance. So have a pour and relax, and try to remember what you were doing when this stuff was put into barrels all the way back in 1990.

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