Abyss Table

The word "abyss" can certainly bring along some negative connotations, but one look at the Abyss Table will have you thinking about another word: "amazing". Handmade by local artisans and craftspeople using high-grade, ethically-sourced wood and glass, this mesmerizing piece of furniture functions as both a conversation starter and an actual table, but you should be warned: guests are likely to spend inordinate amounts of time staring down into its depths, so don't take it personally.

  • Armada Armchair

    It might be called an armchair, but the Armada Armchair is as much a sculptural piece as it is seating. Surprisingly devoid of arm rests — you know, the things that make an armchair an armchair — this sleek seat features a bottom frame made from solid wood like American Walnut, Elm, Cherry, and Pear, and a seat that's a combination of thin steel covered by high-quality leather or fur. Feel like adding a pillow? Not to worry — the Armada's clean lines are safe thanks to a magnetic attachment system.

  • Scandia Senior Easy Chair

    Designed in 1957 and produced until the 1970's — when the factory burned down — the Scandia Senior Easy Chair is a classic piece of Scandinavian design reborn. Working closely with the original manufacturers, this sleek chair has recreated in perfect detail, including the laminated and lacquered American Walnut seat, the dark brown leather cushion, and the satin chrome base. Guaranteed to look great in any space, from a SoHo loft to a mountain cabin.

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