Actev Arrow Smart-Kart

Add this to the list of things we wish was around when we were kids. The Arrow Smart-Kart from Actev is an electric go-kart for kids 5-9 years old. It features two independent 250-Watt electric motors, a steel chassis, and can hit a top speed of about 12 miles per hour. It also has built-in WiFi and GPS, along with an app that allows parents to geo-fence kids inside a parent-defined boundary and control speed and safety. And if you pre-order, they'll throw in a double capacity battery.

  • Ehang Manned Drone

    Forget autonomous cars — if you really need to get somewhere in a hurry without bothering to pilot yourself, you need an Ehang Manned Drone. This autonomous aerial vehicle can carry you and a small bag short distances in comfort and safety. An all-electric, fully-redundant system ensures that if any of the four-armed craft's eight propellers stop working, it can still get you back down on the ground safely. It takes off and lands vertically, has a maximum height of over 1,500 feet, and can run for up to 23 minutes at 62 mph. It's cabin is built using a composite material with carbon fiber and epoxy, while other components are crafted from an aluminum alloy, and you control the entire thing via a touchscreen interface that's as simple as dropping a couple pins on Google Maps. It's currently in testing, but Ehang has every intention of bringing it to market, so we'll probably see one flying around long before we lay eyes upon an airborne DeLorean.

  • Airstream x Pendleton National Park Edition Travel Trailer

    Leveraging both companies' commitment to American craftsmanship, the Airstream x Pendleton National Park Edition Travel Trailer was built to honor the USA's last remaining frontiers. The 28-foot trailer is built using Airstream's signature riveted aluminum construction, and has a cabin-like interior featuring authentic fabrics from Pendleton, embroidered Ultraleather furniture, and a screened rear sport hatch that lets the outdoors in while making it easier to load and unload gear. Also included are two Samsung TVs, a Polk audio system, a unique awning kit, and an exclusive accessory package featuring select items like blankets, pillows, and dinnerware from Pendleton's iconic National Park Collection. Only 100 will be built, and $1,000 will be donated to the National Park Foundation for each one sold.

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