Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Watch

There are plenty of wrist-worn fitness trackers available for data-obsessed athletes out there, but few offer the feature-set boasted by the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Watch ($400). While it does everything you would expect from a device that tracks your physical activity — a pedometer to measure your movement, and access to historical data to chart your progress — it also packs in some other useful features. Built-in GPS keeps track of your speed, distance, and your favorite routes. An on-board coaching system will help you train more effectively, whether you're getting ready for a 5k or your first marathon. Perhaps best of all, it features an MP3 player with wireless Bluetooth audio, so you can say goodbye to extra gadgets and obnoxious headphone cables.

  • Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph Watch

    In case you've forgotten, at one point watches actually served a purpose beyond status symbol or menswear accessory — people actually used them to keep track of time. The Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph Watch ($625-$775) pays homage to an era when the wristwatch was a tool that made the difference between winning and losing, the era of prototype sports car racing (think 24 Hours of LeMans or Daytona). These watches feature the sorts of tools race drivers need: with subregisters on the right and left to measure seconds and hours up to 24, a tachymeter to determine average speed, and a pulsometer to calculate heart rate. Perforated watch bands, styling suggesting the curves of a race car, and color schemes commemorating motorsports legends (on the limited edition Vic Elford variant) complete the package.

  • Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

    While it certainly won't replace the navigation technology typical of most airplanes, the Garmin D2 Pilot Watch ($450) would definitely be a pilot's best friend in a tight spot. While it includes everything you would expect from a standard aviator watch, it also packs in all the goodies typical of a Garmin navigation device. Its features include the ability to load in a flight plan and view it on a small map on the watch face, as well as an NRST button that will guide you to the nearest airport in case the worst happens. In addition, the watch includes a compass, horizontal situation indicator, ground speed indicator, and an altimeter.

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