Adobe Ink & Slide

Drawing on a tablet or smartphone is nearly as easy as drawing on paper — but most styluses lack the intelligence to really streamline the process. The Adobe Ink & Slide seek to change all that. Designed with the iPad in mind, the set includes an incredibly accurate digital drawing tool that uses Bluetooth LE to stay connected to your devices and features a button that can bring up on-screen menus for selecting different tools and colors, as well as a digital ruler that makes it simple to draw complex shapes. And thanks to Creative Cloud integration, your assets and color schemes will be ready and waiting for you.

  • iStick

    There are plenty of scenarios in which you might want to move something quickly and easily from your iPhone or iPad to a PC, and doing so without bouncing your data off the cloud can be difficult — unless you have an iStick. This clever gadget is the first flash drive to feature a USB port on one end and a Apple-certified Lightning connector on the other, letting you use a companion app for moving files to and fro, as well as play media straight from the drive. It's like a 21st century Zip drive.

  • Revisit Brass iPhone Case

    Your iPhone may not be made in the USA, but at least your case can be. Blending protection with classic style, the Revisit Brass iPhone Case wraps your iPhone 5 or 5S in 100% brass and acetal plastic, leaving the front — including the all-important Touch ID sensor — and the back exposed while allowing for full access to all ports and controls. And if its Arizonan origins aren't enough for you, consider this: 25% of all profits go to help preserve the future of our National Parks.

    USA-Made Goods presented by our friends at Shinola.


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