Aeon GoPro Stabilizer

One of the GoPro's biggest features is its ability to be mounted nearly anywhere. It's also one of its biggest drawbacks, resulting in choppy, nearly unwatchable video. The Aeon GoPro Stabilizer can put an end to all that, thanks to a a three axis accelerometer that takes over 1,000 measurements per second, and works together with a Cortex CPU and three brushless motors to provide buttery-smooth, shake-free video automatically. It also offers an LCD screen for framing your shot, a joystick for controlling the pan and tilt of the camera, a GoPro accessory mount, and an ergonomic grip.

  • Polaroid Snap Instant Camera

    The Polaroids of old were popular not because they were great photographic tools, but because they were fun. The Polaroid Snap Instant Camera offers a similar feeling of casual spontaneity, updated for modern times. Each time you snap a photo, you can use the integrated ZINK printer to spit out a 2" x 3" print that you can share IRL, instantly. Of course, being a digital camera, it also stores the 10 megapixel shots on a Micro SD card, and gives you several different shooting modes, including color, black and white, a vintage Polaroid filtered, and "photo booth", which snaps six quick images in ten seconds.

  • Holga Digital Camera

    Our phones are filled with apps that attempt to recreate the casual, random style of toy camera photos. Now you can get the real thing with the Holga Digital Camera. Using original Holga optics — and compatible with Holga lenses — this new digital camera gives you a low-fi shooting experience, with manual controls for aperture (f/2.8 or f/8.0), shutter (Blub or 1/60 sec), and image ratio (4:3 or 1:1). It comes in four colors, captures 8 megapixel shots, and supports Wi-Fi SD cards, so you don't even need a cord to post your artsy, heavily vignetted snaps to Instagram.

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