Aero-X Hoverbike

If you've always wanted to experience the feeling of flying, but don't want to deal with the expense of a plane or helicopter, or spend the time getting licenses and certifications, then the Aero-X Hoverbike might be just what you're looking for. With two carbon fiber propellers fitted to the front and back, the hover bike is capable of flying up to ten feet above the ground and cruising at 45 miles per hour.And with maneuverability similar to that of a motorcycle, you can just tilt your body to change your course. Ideal for a range of professional and recreational uses, it's perfect for search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, bounding over the desert, or flying over the water (with the optional flotation pontoon kit).

  • Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike

    As increasingly more people give up their cars in favor of biking to work, it only makes sense that necessity would drive our bikes to get smarter — more capable of handling the risks and challenges of an urban commute. The Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike combines intelligent technology with lightweight carbon-fiber construction for a bike that's truly meant to handle the busy city streets. Connecting to an iPhone, Android, and Pebble app using Bluetooth, this bike lets you plot your routes, giving you turn-by-turn directions, and offers blind-spot detection, theft alerts, fitness data, and so much more. Better still, it connects with other Vanhawks Valour bikes, helping to improve your routes over time so you can avoid congestion, potholes, and other pitfalls.

  • Lujac Desautel Glass Yacht

    Ever have trouble remembering which yacht is yours after a night out in Monaco? That won't be a problem with the Lujac Desautel Glass Yacht. Built atop a SWATH (Small Water-Plane Area Twin Hull) and inspired by skyscrapers, this stunning watercraft features three block-like volumes stacked on top of each other, with an internal elevator to move between floors, connecting all the different areas of the boat. And while the design itself is sleek and smart — the aft deck lowers itself into the water for access to tenders and other craft — the mirror-like glass exterior ensures you'll always look as good as the ocean itself.

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