Air Guitar Move

Air Guitar Move

Are you the type of guy that can't help but flail away at the air when your favorite solo comes bursting out of nearby speakers in face-melting fashion? The Air Guitar Move ($50) lets you put that imaginary talent to real-world use. This pick-shaped iPhone/iPod touch add-on connects to your device's dock connector and uses motion sensing technology along with an accompanying app — or apps — to turn your air shredding into actual music.

  • Incase A.P.C. Collection

    Cover your gadgets with the finest of Japanese denim with the new Incase A.P.C. Collection ($80-$100). Available as a sleeve for the 15-inch MacBook Pro or as a Book Jacket case for the iPad 2, the collection features selvage denim on the outside and premium tan leather trim, giving both products a stylish, premium look and upscale feel. Plain versions are available here in the states, but for the awesome white screen printed versions, you'll have to visit an A.P.C. store in Tokyo, Osaka, or Hong Kong.

  • Case-Mate Titanium iPhone Case

    With all the complaints we heard after the iPhone 4 launched with its signal-squeezing metal frame, it's surprising that anyone would think of wrapping it in yet another layer of metal. Yet here we are, staring at the Case-Mate Titanium iPhone Case ($300). This precision-machined case is made from a single piece of titanium and matches the curves of the iPhone 4 perfectly — the fit is so tight, in fact, that minor assembly is required. Bet you can't say that about your current rubber case.

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