Air Strike Catapult

Spend your weekend honing your intraoffice battle tactics with the Air Strike Catapult ($15). Arriving with its own set of six spiky foam balls, it can fling its projectiles up to 40 feet, or more than far enough to hit the annoying guy five cubicles down.

  • Classic Wrecks

    Sure, collecting model cars isn't that unusual a hobby, but where are the scrapes, bumps, scratches, and rust that give real-world rides their character? You can find them in Classic Wrecks ($80+). These 1/24 scale models sport lovingly handcrafted details like broken windows, rusted and/or missing parts, and the feel of something that wasn't just put on a pedestal, but driven — hard — for years and years before being left outside to rot. Perfect for your junkyard-themed den.

  • DIY Zombie Customizable Action Figure Kit

    The trouble with zombie-related goods is that everyone has their own idea — or ideas — of what the undead might look like. The DIY Zombie Customizable Action Figure Kit ($60) overcomes this by letting you decide for yourself. Included inside are three eight-inch articulated bodies, five different heads, two pairs of hands, one pair of "just bitten" and one pair of "really rotten" arms and legs, an extra chest prosthetic, a business suit, some medical scrubs, a lab coat, two pairs of shoes, and instructions. All you need is paint, scissors, patience, and imagination. Oh, and a camera to capture your creations.

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