AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

Traveling is a big enough hassle without having to worry about your bags. Alleviate those concerns with the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock. Designed for use on checked baggage but good for a multitude of other things, this rope-based lock uses Bluetooth to let you lock and unlock it with nothing but an app. You can set a backup unlock code for times when you don't have your device around, set alerts that will buzz you should you and your bag become separated, and use crowdsourced GPS networks to show the lock — and therefore your bag's — last known location should it not arrive on time. TSA-compliant, it will also tell you if the TSA opened your bag during your trip.

  • This Is Ground Voyager WiFi Bag

    The mad scientists of tech organization are back with a full-sized bag that'll not only store the stuff you'll need on arrival — but also help you get there. The Voyager Bag from This Is Ground is a weekender-sized utility bag that comes with an integrated Karma Go WiFi unit, keeping you connected and collected at every turn. A pouch on the front, inspired by the brand's Tech Dopp Kits, organizes all of your cords and gadgets. Inside, there's enough room for five days of clothing. Made in Los Angeles of buttery soft leather, the Voyager is available in four color options, and — if you happen to love annoying WiFi logins at the airport — can also be purchased without the Karma Go for a little less. Though, once you get a taste of having your own good-looking WiFi network everywhere you, you'll wonder why all your bags aren't this smart.

  • Globe-Trotter x Chivas Steamer Trunk

    Sometimes it's not enough to travel with just your clothes. Sometimes you need to bring some refreshments along too. The Globe-Trotter x Chivas Steamer Trunk lets you do both in grand style. The interior of the trunk has dedicated compartments for watches and shoes, leather-covered suit hangers, and a mirror-backed mini bar that folds out of the side. The custom lining honors the legacy of both brands, while the American white oak drawer linings and hand-engraved copper plaque reclaimed from a Scotch whisky still make the link to Chivas readily apparent to anyone who cares to look.

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