Airbus Pop.Up Flying Vehicle Concept

Based around a passenger capsule that's adaptable to all sorts of transportation methods, the Airbus Pop.Up Flying Vehicle Concept is a bold suggestion of how to streamline traffic in megacities. In developing the concept, Airbus worked with Italdesign, creating both drone-like air transport and platform-based ground transport modules. The passenger would interact with the system via an app, which would manage their trip using AI and pilot both modules for them. In addition to the already-imagined air and ground modules, it's suggested that the individual passenger capsules could also intermingle with trains, subways, and hyperloops, creating a seamless mobility solution.

  • Micro Wind Turbine

    Even in remote areas, you might need a charging port — if not for your phone, then maybe a camera, light, or radio. The Micro Wind Turbine can provide power in nearly any location using nothing but a breeze. It uses a vertical axis rotor to harvest energy, a telescoping design to making packing it more manageable, and an integrated battery pack to ensure it's making use of the available wind even if nothing's plugged in. Unlike solar panels, it even works at night. Sadly it's still just a proposal, albeit one with a working prototype.

  • Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept

    Inspired to make a fire extinguisher that would work better for low-income settlements in India, designer Sailee Adhao created the Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept. It improves on traditional safety equipment in several important ways. For one, it's less expensive, using a combination of water and non-toxic gas to propel a fine mist into the heart of the fire. It can also be refilled and reused. Finally, it's far more intuitive than traditional options — simply break it free from its yellow support and it assumes its angled form and begins to spray. Adhao has built and tested a functional prototype, providing help that it might be available to those who need it sooner rather than later.

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