Until now, folks who longed for a nostalgic tape-style experience were forced to carry around Walkmans, or better yet, ghetto blasters. Now you can get the same experience — kinda — on your iPhone or iPod touch with AirCassette ($2). Inspired by real 1980's cassettes, AirCassette fills your screen with a recreation of popular blank tapes, with simple controls, plus all the modern features you'd expect, like the ability to browse by artist, album, or songs, set up a queue, share a song via Facebook or email, and stream whatever you're playing around the house using AirPlay. All for less than the price of an actual blank tape.

  • Spotify

    Finally. As our European friends have been telling us for years, Spotify ($Free) is what the long-rumored iTunes subscription service was supposed to be. Boasting a catalog of 15 million songs, it lets you search for and listen to specific songs, artists, and entire albums (for up to 10 hours a month), after which you'll need to pony up $5 for the Premium service and unlimited computer-based listening or $10 for the Unlimited service, which gives you app access from your iPhone or Android device, the ability to download music for listening offline, enhanced sound quality, and much more. Sorry iTunes Match, but you're no match for this.

    Thanks to our friends at Chevy, we've got 300 early access invites to Spotify. Get 'em while you can.

  • HelloFax

    Let's face it: fax machines are damned irritating. Like a local newscast that refuses to go HD, it's a relic of a time before the Internet was ubiquitous and used for everything from business correspondence to grocery shopping. HelloFax ($5 and up) aims to bridge this gap by offering online faxing services that let you send, receive, fill out, and even sign faxes straight from your web browser, giving you one less thing you have to print out.

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