Airlok Bicycle Rack

Made not only to store your bike but also protect it from thieves, the Airlok Bicycle Rack is an indoor/outdoor storage solution. Developed by the Hiplok team, it has a triangular shape that hides its secure connection to your wall and can hold even the heaviest of rides. The hardened steel locking pin, frame, and closed loop design virtually guarantee your bike will be right where you left it, even if it's near the street, and the horizontal design means you don't have to lift your bike any higher than the level at which it's stored.

  • Softub Moveable Hot Tub

    Adding a hot tub to your home can be a great choice — but also a big one, as it typically stays wherever you first decide to put it. The Softub Moveable Hot Tub gets around this problem with a lightweight design that can easily be rolled from place to place. It plugs into a standard outlet, so you don't need special wiring, has an intelligent chip that keeps the temperature steady, and a smartly arranged pump, motor, and heating system that uses the motor's heat to help keep the water warm. It's available in a range of sizes, from a two-person 140 gallon model to a five-person 300 gallon tub, all of which have precisely placed jets and include an insulated lid.

  • Tre Concrete Tiles

    You can add color to your walls with paint. You can add texture with wallpaper. But for those of you looking for something a little more interesting, Tre Concrete Tiles can turn your walls into geometric sculptures. The triangular tiles are designed with angular contours that play with depth, light and shadow, giving your surface a three-dimensional element. Use them independently or a combination of the four different patterns to create your own modular masterpiece. The tiles come in 24 different color options, two levels of thickness, and a variety of finishes, insuring there's a configuration to fit every aesthetic.

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