If the Coway Air Purifier proved that air purification systems don't have to be ugly, the Airwake ($TBA) proves that you don't need a spaceship-like interior design sense to make one blend in. Wrapped in a stylish shell of ash wood and steel, the Airwake is ready to clean the air in any room in the house. Just don't be surprised when house guests ask where you got that stylish new speaker. [Thanks, Erik]

  • Belkin Conserve Insight

    Ever wonder how much power your TV, microwave, or cell charger uses, and how much that costs you? The Belkin Conserve Insight ($30) is a new, easy-to-use monitor that will tell you exactly that. The white and green adapter plugs in the wall between the gadget or appliance you want to track and the outlet itself, using a small screen on a tethered box to tell you how much energy the attached device is using, as well as the carbon and monetary costs. You might just find out that leaving your guitar amp or favorite lamp plugged in 24/7 isn't as great an idea as you thought.

  • Coway Air Purifier

    Looking for an air purification system that you won't have to hide in a corner? The Coway Air Purifier ($280) is a red dot-winning cyclops of an appliance, featuring a three-stage HEPA filter system that removes 99.5% of airborne baddies, sensor-controlled automatic airflow adjustment, automatic shutoff, and a killer award-worthy design.

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