Akazawa PLEN Robot

Akazawa PLEN Robot

Those longing for their dearly departed Sony Aibo may be able to find a new robotic friend in the Akazawa PLEN Desktop Hobby Robot ($2,400). Only 50 of these little, expensive hobby robots are initially being made. Designed to be controlled through Bluetooth devices such as your cell phone or a PC keyboard, this little guy can be instructed to mount and use a tiny skateboard with ease. He can also get busy with a pair of snap-on skates to do basic stunts like the pros.

  • Gadget Holsters

    If the idea of being Batman, Han Solo, or just a gadget slinging office worker fills your mind, you'll want to check out the gadget shoulder holster ($50) and gadget hip holster ($60). Both holsters allow you to strap on your cell phone, iPod, pocket calculator and about anything else in true geek goodness. They're also good for holding at quick draw things like your keys, a pen and mouth spray.

  • Dyson Slim

    If you've been jonesing for the cleaning power of the Root Cyclone technology that gives Dyson vacuums their punch, but without the massive body that comes along with it, your wish has been granted. The Dyson Slim ($470) packs all the power of a full-size Dyson into a sleek, svelte, light (less than 16 pounds) package that features a flexible foot ball wheel, an extension hose that pulls out from the handle, and a lifetime HEPA filter to keep your air as clean as your floors. [via]

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