Albert Clock

With calculators, voice assistants, and tip-free ride-sharing services seemingly everywhere, there's never been more excuses not to do math in your head. The Albert Clock helps keep your brain active by displaying the minutes and hours as math problems. It displays them on crisp white LED display and offers four levels of difficulty, so it gets harder as you shake the rust off. Available in three colors and works on the desktop or a wall.

  • Spotlight Presentation Remote

    Presentations are nerve-wracking affairs, whether you're an inexperienced speaker or a seasoned pro. The Spotlight Presentation Remote helps give you more control over the proceedings than ever before. It syncs up wirelessly and uses a companion app to let you change the pointer mode, set timed vibration alerts to nudge you along, and activate functions like gesture-controlled volume control. It also lets you magnify points on your slide, highlighting details while keeping the audience engaged, and the cursor control lets you do things like play videos and open links without going anywhere near a mouse.

  • Perpetuum Calendar

    There are plenty of traditional paper calendars that are worthy of your time. Yet even the best ones need replacement once a year. The Perpetuum Calendar will enhance the looks of your desk without ever running out. Its base, with a sawtooth shape inspired by factories of the early 20th century, is 3D-printed in either gray metallic plastic or jet black nylon, while 14k gold-plated timepieces mark the month and the day, and require you to move them manually, bringing the passage of time into daily focus.

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