Alen 68 Yacht

It's a wonderful problem to have, but we're sure there's someone out there right this minute trying to decide whether they should buy a cruising yacht or a day boat. With the Alen 68 Yacht, you don't have to decide. Boasting 20% more space than most comparable vessels, the 68 uses a flexible design to allow for your choice of up to 3 cabins or more lounging space. Other features include upscale materials like bleached oak, white leather and white onyx, 2 powerful V12 engines good for a top speed of 45 knots, and sleek styling that will make you mighty popular at the local yacht club.

  • Personal Viking Ship

    Live out your fantasies of sea-faring exploration and pillaging with this Personal Viking Ship. Sold by The Viking Ship Museum and hand-built to order by skilled craftsmen using authentic tools in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde, these ships are as close as you can come to inheriting an ancient vessel that belonged to a distant ancestor. Oh, and should the personal size not be up to your standards, don't worry — there's a full range of models, including the intimidating, nearly 10-meter-long Gokstad battle cruiser.

  • Water Hoverboard

    While we're still a long way off from achieving the kind of technology that allowed Marty McFly to effortlessly skateboard feet above the ground, the Water Hoverboard is very much a real thing. Essentially a wakeboard with a high-powered water jet at its rear, this hoverboard attaches to your personal watercraft (think jet ski) with a long hose, propelling you up to 16 feet above the water, at speeds of up to 16 miles per hour. Once you're set up, you can perform wild aerial tricks like flips, spins, summersaults, and more — or just rip across the water like some insane dolphin-human-robot hybrid.

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