Alienware Steam Machine

Forget next-gen consoles — if Valve has their way, 2014 will be the year of the Steam Machine. And with 14 companies cranking out the boxes, it's not as easy as buying, say, a PS3. Which is why we've got our eyes on the Alienware Steam Machine ($TBA). Crafted by one of the most trusted names in PC gaming, this sleek black box will be powered by an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, and will (of course) run SteamOS, giving you access to tons of games running natively, and thousands more available via in-home streaming. It's like a HTPC, evolved.

  • PlayStation Vita TV

    The PlayStation Vita TV ($100) packs an incredible amount of entertainment potential into a truly tiny console, capable of playing games, video, music, and much more. This little device is a miniaturized internet-connected console, built to natively play PS Vita games on your HD TV, instead of that small handheld. It offers easy access to Sony's subscription music and video services, as well as a growing handful of third-party apps like Hulu. Perhaps the most exciting feature, it will act as a bridge for the yet-to-be-released Playstation 4, letting you play PS4 games in another room even while the console is in use. So far sale plans have been announced in Japan for November — but you should expect it in America shortly thereafter. [via]

  • Surface Tension Arcade Tables

    Ditch that boring coffee table in your living room and replace it with one of the Surface Tension Arcade Tables ($3,000-$6,000). These arcade and entertainment systems come installed inside hand-built tables, with wood veneer available in a number of finishes, and a discreet, darkened glass cover. They come with built-in arcade-style controllers, and come packed with classic arcade games. Choose a higher-end model if you want yours to also come with a Windows 7 Home-powered PC, Sonos Connect, and the ability to connect to your HDTV.

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