ALO Audio Studio Six Headphone Amplifier

Even in the age of digital audio technology, musicians still recognize the advantage of tube-based amplifiers for the natural sound quality they produce. The ALO Audio Studio Six Headphone Amplifier ($4,900) brings the same quality to your studio headphones — and at this price, should bring world peace too. With four 1/4-inch stereo jack outputs and three stereo RCA inputs, as well as built-in volume and input select knobs, it's a great addition to your pro or home recording studio. Get yours in either black, or silver, to go with the rest of your gear.

  • Hsu Research Hybrid 3 Speakers

    Every once in a while you come across a product that isn't just a good deal, but offers quality so far above and beyond what you'd expect for the price that you find yourself recommending it whenever you get the chance. That's the case with these Hsu Research Hybrid 3 Speakers ($920-$1,920). Available in 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, or 7.1 configurations, these packages pair the powerful 350W, double ported, 12-inch VTF-3 MK4 subwoofer with HB-1 MK2 horn bookshelf speakers and, in the larger packages, a HC-1 MK2 horn center speaker. We've been using the 7.1 setup in one of our test theaters for months now, and the only thing that's been more amazing than the sound is the looks on people's faces when we tell them what it costs. And while we've been testing out the handsome satin black set — they are in a theater, after all — if you're thinking about filling a more traditional living area with sound, you might also want to check out the rosenut option.

  • Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14 Sound System

    Part speaker, part artwork, the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14 Sound System ($TBA) is the company's latest gallery-worthy setup. It consists of four 140 watt satellite speakers with 2.5-inch drivers housed in aluminum casings with your choice of fabric grilles, and a white, freestanding 280 watt 8-inch subwoofer that features both a highly-engineered bassport and a position dial that ensures great sound whether it's set up against a wall, in the middle of the room, or in a corner somewhere. If you already have a B&O TV, you're ready to go, but otherwise you'll want to make sure you get yourself a receiver to help run the show.

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