Alo Phone

Imagining a future where phone's don't even need screens, the Alo Phone is an intriguing concept. It was created by French designers Jerome Olivet and Philippe Starck and is crafted from an aluminum unibody coated in natural resin. The combination works to provide haptic and even temperature-based feedback, and also allows the skin to repair scratches and scrapes automatically. An advanced AI is built into the phone, getting rid of the need for a screen by responding to your commands, reading texts it detects with its camera, and letting you respond to emails and texts in your natural voice. Currently just a concept, Olivet is working with Thomson to create a working prototype.

  • Movie User Interfaces

    The Dark Knight. Kingsman. Skyfall. If you saw a decent action film in the last few years, odds are the interface was designed by the geniuses at Blind Ltd. From screens that serve as nothing more than background filler to shots that convey important plot information, they've become increasingly adept at making each interface unique to the world it inhabits, yet instantly familiar. For their latest project, they faced the challenge of making the screens, knobs, buttons, and blasters of Rogue One feel fresh, yet tie seamlessly in with the comparatively primitive creations of A New Hope released nearly 40 years earlier.

  • BMW HoloActive Touch

    It's not coming to any production model soon, but BMW HoloActive Touch isn't that far fetched as an in-car interface of the future. Using a series of reflections, it displays a full-color readout right in the middle of the cabin. A camera tracks your hand movements and fingertips, letting you to navigate menus and make selections, and pulses are emitted when you make a selection to provide a bit of tactile feedback. And while this all sounds well and good, BMW's putting it to the ultimate IRL test by brining it to the sweaty, cord-filled confines of CES next January.

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