Alpaca Travel Guitar

We're not 100% sure where you'd be traveling that you'd need all the ruggedness of the Alpaca Travel Guitar ($575), but we are sure that if you do need it, you'll be glad to have it. Handcrafted in Vermont from carbon fiber, flax fabric, and bio-derived resins, this waterproof instrument features a headless neck, a soundhole near the forward part of the body, an embedded daisy chain on the back for connecting it directly to any outdoor gear — think backpack or rucksack — and a three-point strap system.

  • Thermodo

    Ever wish your mobile device could give you a more accurate reading of the current temperature than it gets from the weather app du jour? So did the folks behind Thermodo. This itty-bitty sensor plugs into your headphone jack, working with a dedicated app to give you an accurate reading of the surrounding temperature, with not even an Internet connection required. When it's not in use, you can plug it into the included keychain holder, giving you one more thing to add to your janitor-like chain of trinkets.

  • Seaboard

    Blurring the lines between a piano and a guitar, the Seaboard ($2,000) is a new musical instrument that offers the form factor of the former and many of the traits of the latter. Thanks to a soft, three-dimensional surface that's laid out as a standard row of keys, the Seaboard gives you full control of pitch, volume, and timbre simply by touching the keys. SoundDial software lets you control the instrument's sound, giving you a unique opportunity — since only 88 are being produced at first, you won't have to worry about the band down the street playing the same thing.

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