Alpine Blackbird

Alpine Blackbird

There are plenty of portable navigation systems out there to choose from, but only one has Alpine's pedigree of GPS and music experience. The Alpine PMD-B100 Blackbird ($700) is a portable, handheld GPS system that comes with preloaded maps of the US and features a 3.6" touchscreen, a built-in antenna, and MP3 playback from the unit's SD slot. The perfect addition to any older car in which the closest thing to these features is a dash-mounted compass and a cassette player.

  • Pedalite

    With the short winter days, you're more likely to be caught out after dark on your bike. And if you're not wearing some reflective gear, you're at risk of becoming asphalt seasoning. The Pedalite ($90) is an illuminated bike pedal that makes you visible. The best part is that the Pedalite pedals use no batteries — each has a tiny gear generator and energy storage capacitor that charges while you pedal. They'll even continue to flash for up to 12 minutes after you stop pedaling.

  • World's Brightest Flashlight

    At least it claims to be — and with stats like these, you’ve gotta believe it. The World's Brightest Flashlight ($80) produces 15 million candlepower — equivalent to 150 60-watt bulbs — and its beam can be seen from over 6 miles away. I don’t know about you, but if I’m trying to blind someone with my flashlight, I prefer they be a little closer than six miles away. Oh, and it also features a tough build, a built-in stand, and a handle for easy carrying.

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