Alpine Ice In-Cooler Speaker System

Two essential campout and tailgating elements merge into one with the Alpine Ice In-Cooler Speaker System. Enjoy music anywhere using the Aux-in jack or connect wirelessly to the 90W x 2 amplifier, which provides plenty of power to fill your space with music. Just plug it into your vehicle's 12-volt auxiliary power outlet via a 16-foot cable. And it doubles as a 56 quart Grizzly cooler — enough space to store up to 72 12-oz. cans. And when the party dies down, the Alpine components are water-resistant for easy cleanup.

  • Oakley Metalworks Carabiner

    Oakley has a history of working with metal, so it only makes sense that they'd apply their skills to something other than eyewear. The Oakley Metalworks Carabiner is a prime example. Crafted from riveted stainless steel, it has a forged gate with a gold-colored screw lock, as well as a bottle opener and eyelet built-in. It's not meant for climbing, but its antique silver finish does make it ideal for securing gear in settings where looks can be as important as functionality.

  • Can Cannon

    It's not 100% non-lethal, but firing off the 100% legal Can Cannon does sound like more fun like your typical day at the range. This patent-pending launcher attaches to nearly any AR-15 or M16, using a gas ported barrel and tube to protect your projectiles from overly high pressures. It's currently configured to launch full 12 oz. cans up to 105 yards using standard blanks, and the company is also working on a range of accessories including a grappling hook, net launcher, t-shirt launcher, and harpoon.

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